Employment Law Counseling

Preventing and Responding to Workplace Disputes

Our goal is to minimize the risk of litigation or government action and to ensure that, if either occurs, our clients are well-positioned to respond. To that end, compliance with statutes and regulations is important. But, that is only part of the equation.

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop policies and procedures designed to reduce legal exposure. We also counsel them to identify and contain problems in the workplace before they develop into lawsuits or government inquiries. Our attorneys review and revise existing company policies to ensure they are legally sound and practically effective. Additionally, the firm provides employee training to reinforce those policies and educate employees about potential liabilities and how to avoid them.

Finally, when workplace disputes arise or allegations of misconduct are made, we assist clients in investigating, responding to, and resolving complaints expeditiously and with minimal disruption to company operations.

Practice Overview

We counsel businesses on how to:

• Avoid discrimination and harassment lawsuits
• Retain independent contractors without violating labor laws
• Avoid risks related to employees’ use of e-mail and the internet
• Implement an intern program that complies with wage laws
• Safeguard confidential information and trade secrets
• Attract and retain talent through executive compensation plans
• Conduct employee performance evaluations
• Effectively respond to employee complaints
• Conduct workplace investigations to identify and respond to problems early, before they become lawsuits
• Terminate employees without increasing the business’ legal exposure

We also:

• Draft employee handbooks
• Draft social media policies
• Train employees and managers to prevent workplace disputes
• Develop employee discipline guidelines that do not restrict management’s ability to terminate